About VIDA

  • What is telemedicine and how does it work?

    Telemedicine is a method of medical care that has evolved over the last 40 years. Although the term is commonly associated with medical care over the telephone, recent technological advances have allowed a great improvement of the service. By adding the possibility of video, patients and doctors talk face-to-face without having to be physically in the office. This form of consultation ensures a clear personal communication, a vital aspect in medical care, and allows a visual diagnosis while improving the flexibility of the service through virtual consultations through VIDA.

  • Who are the doctors working at VIDA?

    The doctors who work at VIDA are family physicians and have a solid experience in primary care. They offer their services in part-time VIDA, while working in person at health centers and specialized clinics throughout Spain. This makes our doctors who are in constant exercise of medical practice and trained to evaluate the symptoms for which we offer treatment in LIFE. All doctors have been trained to offer the best possible service through video calls.